Jeep'n with a drone


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Feb 4, 2022
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so me and the CO ( Capt'n Obvious —-or —- Commanding Officer, depending on the situation ) having been tooling around Quartzsite for a month or so, And I have a DJI MINI II, so we have been experimenting with driving and flying.
Has anyone else tried driving and using a drone to follow along or to check the trail ahead?? If so, do you set your focus to auto? or do you manually set it.
Check out The Story Till Now's YouTube channel. He paid someone to do a documentary on himself and it covers some of his how to fly a drone while wheeling.

Been contemplating buying one... waiting for some more subscribers so YouTube will pay for it. Since technically it would be a business you'd need a license anyways so I think I'd move up a couple of models with more advanced features, better camera etc.

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My son is the drone guy.
He can set it to follow me, that's about all I know.

A couple of other things.
I've seen where the noise from a drone can interfere with a spotters' commands.
A lot of times the pilot is far away and doesn't realize how noisy they are.
Also, you probably know they're not allowed in National Parks, etc.
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