Jeeps Parking Next To Other Jeeps

Coming home from a Circle/Coven meeting today, wife and I stopped off at the local 50s style greasy spoon. Came out to see this:
This black one parked next to me at Galveston Island Brewing Company yesterday. I’ll bet that black was hot. It was about 100° out there.

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Remote start and auto climate control are great!!! :ROFLMAO:

I've been using a 2016 JKU Backcountry for my mail route and it has the auto climate control. I leave it on 70° year round so it turns the A/C on in the summer and the heater on in the winter.


Edit: A note for the JK forum members, the Backcountry also comes with a Tru-Lok rear diff (aka Rubicon diff)...
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We got with some friends & went to a Jeep meet at a local brew pub in Beaumont, Texas near where we live. I think they had about 40 or so Jeeps there. My red TJ is the only one with an American flag on the back. We went “half naked”. ‘Just removed the half-door uppers & zipped out the windows. That sun was just too hot & we needed some shade. It was a fun day with some cool people.