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Jeeps Parking Next To Other Jeeps

John Cooper

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Jun 10, 2020
Bryant, AL.
Ran to Walmart parked and there were no Jeeps to be seen. Came out and there were 4 parked around!!!! This one was closest to us.


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Sep 3, 2022
Santa Clarita, CA
If you are going to run 35" tires with the 42RLE I think 5.38 would be the better choice personally. 4.88 is really the ideal ratio for 33" tires from what I understand.

Maybe @Jerry Bransford will chime in though. He's the one that told me to run 4.88" on my 33" tires and it turned out to be 100% perfect.

I'm running 5.13 gears on the 2004, originally for 36" tires (they aged out and MT stopped making them) and the current 35" tires. If I ever wear them out, I might go to 37"s. It's perfect off-road and in 4 low, but wish it had more HP for highway driving.
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