Jezza's Turbo LJ

Has anyone asked Russ about this? If I remember correctly, all 3 of you (Jezza, Skyline & RickyD) are running, or have run, a cam from him.

To be clear, this is my first nitrided cam, and first cam ordered from Russ, and I have no idea what's causing my metallic sheen in the oil.

The nitrided cams are eating lobes?

One reason i went with a milder cam and nitriding was in hopes of avoiding flat tappet woes

See above and I hope the same.

If this is an ongoing, repeating issue, have you checked for other causes, like stuck lifters and out-of-round lifter bores?

The previous dead cams were on previous motors and cams including the stock cam. Current build with parts from Russ is still running strong, but I have some kind of maybe valve train noise and a sheen in the oil. Unsure what the exact issue is.

I may be wrong, but I believe any warping occurs during the nitriding process, and the cams are straightened to a spec afterward. Since the cams shouldn't be reaching anything near that temp inside an engine, any warping issues should be present out of the box.

Thanks. And those were drop in, right? I remember you said it quieted down the valve train some, right? Did you ever see any valve float? I shift around 5.5k rpm so that's a bit of a concern for me.

And please excuse my ignorance, but the lift listed on a cam card is seen at the valve with stock ratio rockers, right? Or is it at the cam lobe and math is required? Your springs are listed at 550 max lift IIRC. Also I have 1.65 ratio rockers.

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I have metallic sheen in my oil and a nitrided cam as well fwiw.

They were drop in on my Russ ported Edelbrock with the LS valves. Not sure exactly what you were running. I rev to 5k and there is no indication of float there. I can't imagine 500 RPM more would result in float, but there are quite a few factors at play. I would think even 1k more RPM would probably only be equal to the boost pressure that attempts to hold my intake valves open. The cam card is specd for the stock 1.6:1. You can tell pretty easily by multiplying the lobe lift by 1.6 you get the gross valve lift. So in your case exhaust at 0.321x1.65=0.530 gross lift.
You'd need a way to keep the lifters from rotating. IDK if there's room for a SBC style link-bar setup. I'm sure someone could come up with something, maybe even by cutting a window into the block, but I doubt it'd be worth it.

From what I remember they use a big block chrysler tie bar lifter and slot out the tie bar to set the spacing wider. I think 505 tried to do something with roller at one time. Not sure where it got left off. Maybe a project for the little red Jeep.
Thanks man. I have an Eddy head from Russ as well still sitting in it's box. Planning to swap springs before I get around to installing it.
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I know it's not the LJ, but I made one for that too. The TJ didn't have one so I made a Jeep one.

Fordyce in the books as well. Less hard than I was lead to believe. I did winch hill 1,2,4 and 5. 3 I did the middle line not the buggy line. The rest of the trail was rocky and dusty. Water was flowing at 300 and didn't go above the bottom of my sliders.