Just measured my lift and my front springs are longer than the rears


Mar 10, 2020
Im measuring my suspension lift height to determine if i can remove my tc drop by adding a 1"mml and remove the
current 2" body lift replacing it with a 1" body lift. After measuring the front and rear coil springs the lengths came out to 15" in the front and 11.25" in the rear. Does that sound right? I know there might be a slight drop in the rear but i'm not too sure. Also is that rubber spacer on top of the bump stop factory? It doesn't look thick enough to be any kind of lift.


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Sounds normal. You have 3" in the front and 3.25" in the rear. The other piece is the coil spring isolator that isolates vibration from transferring to the tub. It is not measured in these calculations of lift height.

Jeep TJ's came from the factory with 1" of rake (forward tilt). Some people like to get rid of the rake by having more lift up front than rear to level things out. Cheers.