KC Gravity Pro and Flex LED headlights on a TJ

I dont know which. I traded for them. They were listed for a JK only on their website but fit the TJ if I recall correctly. I have had them on for over a year or so...
I also have the KC Gravity Pros. Love them.


Haha my wife likes that they look like flowers..so we’re keeping them

Pretty much my wife’s build now. I was even told the Jeep is “cute” by a stranger at the dentist last week.

Hey, as long as it makes the wife happy ;)
To get them to seat all the way in, did you have to modify the aiming bracket?
No, I didn’t modify anything. Mine are still sticking out a bit, just not enough to be a bother. I had trouble getting one of the headlight bezel screws in, but other than that no issues.

Thanks, I figured it out...just need to crank down the adjustment screws to pull the unit in as far as it will go.
Reviving this thread. Those that have them, how have they fared over the years and how's the light output? I just won an Ebay auction on a NIB set.
That really looks like they aren't seated fully? I dunno, seems off...
That's just the design of the headlights. Since they don't have a curve to them like the regular lights, the flat face and sides makes it seem like they stick out more.
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