KM2 or KO2?

Discussion in 'TJ Wheels & Tires' started by Starrs, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Starrs

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    Were those Nito terragrapplers by chance? Both size tires look very good
  2. LTTJ

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    No, if they were Nitos I might have kept them. They were Atturo tires, which seems to be a budget off-roading brand. They were total junk in my opinion.

    There isn't a lot of difference in the look, but the drive is a lot different. No rubbing if I turn a bit sharply into a parking spot.

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  3. Starrs

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    Well now I'm throwing yet a third tire into the mix. The ole reliable Wrangler MTr; 33/11.5/r16. I had this tire on my JK and I liked it pretty well. I think I want the aggressive look of an MT for my rubicon. Any opinions on the MTR? Thanks again
  4. glwood

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    Albuquerque, NM
    How would you rate the road noise? Some have stated the GY Authority is noisier on the road...
  5. I have some worn out MTR's on my Rubicon. They are not too loud, and handle decently. I'd go with them again, but dang, they are spendy!
  6. Starrs

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    I also want to get the mtrs so I can leave the stock old style MTr on the back. Only have to buy 4 tires this way. Can get 4-33/11.5/16 for 302 a piece. Best price I can find right now. Is a 33" tire too much on these tailgates?
  7. Ahoragi

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    They are completely quiet......but I am deaf so that might be why. :eusa_dance:

    My girlfriend said she doesnt notice em so they must be pretty quiet. Mine are still full tread.

    There was a co-worker who had em worn down to about 1/4 and said they a bit loud but that is expected.

  8. 302 a piece! Wowzers, that seems rich for me anyway. Of course, I bought used 32" BFG KM for 100 a piece. I'd look at duratracs...285/75R16 for 230 each at belle tire (don't know how national they are tho). EDIT: I just looked at discounttire (or AmericasTire)...278 each for the 285/75R16 MTR.

    33" is pretty big for the tail gate. You might want to look at the exo gate.
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  9. Jorge Bolivar

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    I recommend KO2's. I do have a set 33x10.5r15 and works well for all seasons, when I'm off-road I do air down them to 11 PSI to get better mud traction as this is where they have some handling limitation depending how sticky the mud it is.
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  10. Have you considered MasterCraft AXT 20140617_193341-1.jpg ? I'm running them on my TJ dd and they're quiet yet do well in Ohio snow too.
  11. RD3

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    I just put KM2's on mine a couple of weeks ago. So far I love them. I'm a little old school about the looks of tires on a jeep. If it was my daily driver I might think differently but I doubt it. A lot of people love the KO2's so you can't go wrong with them
  12. Jorge Bolivar

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    Lot's a love for Mastercraft tires on Ohio. My LJ comes with a set of those and few of our Jeep club member use the M/T version.
    Can't talk about it cause i do remove mines, GY makes them...:emoji_weary:

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