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May 23, 2018
Arvada, CO
Just like it sounds--beauty parlor talk, gossip, yakking away, babbling, whatever you prefer. The purpose is for us CO members to have a place to chit chat. Anything exciting?

I've got a few projects coming down the pipeline. New gunmetal color wheels, outboarding the rear (waiting til Friday to purchase foxes), and on the brink of hitting "buy now" for new ranchos in the front along with spicer ball joints and axle seals for the HP30.
Are you getting the fox shocks from fullstack? Or are you doing the generic savvy tune?

I think it makes sense to go with Fullstack. Id rather have them tuned since I have a lighter jeep than what savvy probably uses theirs for.
Also--when are you going to get those tires off the wheels?:D
I have to bring my jeep to Northridge 4x4 to have that shim issue in the differential looked at. (Dropping it off tomorrow after work) so it will probably be Saturday before I get them to the tire shop
I have to bring my jeep to Northridge 4x4 to have that shim issue in the differential looked at. (Dropping it off tomorrow after work) so it will probably be Saturday before I get them to the tire shop
But that means tomorrow I will be putting about 60 miles on the fox shocks, so I will have a good highway feel for them.
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My front passenger axle u joint decided to start screaming, so nothing too exciting here other than a parking lot replacement tomorrow... I was really hoping they’d hold until I get a garage next month. I’ll do both of the front axle u joints to get them out of the way.
I don't really know much about king shocks. Before I fully committed to outboarding my shocks, most of the research I did had people using fox shocks. So that's what I went with.
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I wonder how their tunes are for jeeps. If they go to the lengths that fullstack did to ensure I had the right tune for my set up
They say that they tune for your specific application. Right now I’m still leaning towards Kings and having them tune them. But no telling how long it will be as I’m still searching for AEV fenders.
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Oh, and hopefully closing on a house shortly - by 3/1, if not earlier 🤞 (even though I think the market is cooling, things aligned for a long term place).
Fingers crossed for ya! We went thru that process in 2016 and it was a very frustrating time. Outbid by cash offers, outbid on offers that were 50k over asking price, decisions being made within minutes. I think we'll die in our house before we go thru that process again!
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Never heard of them...

From what I've heard on the foxes from full stack, their customer service is worth the cost and wait
Check them out YouTube. He explains different shocks and springs. Probably pretty boring for the experience guy. They also do consultations for $100 bucks I think. Not really sure what that all intails.

Not sure if its just my bad luck or these parts companies are well... AA sends me a JK kit for the RC. Then I get a lever that has the bolt recess hole drilled on the wrong side. Great customer service but damn.
Now I ordered savvy bumpers. I emailed and asked if the zeon 10 will fit. Waited on the return email before sending it for powder coating. Get it back only to figure out it doesn’t. So I take the Fairlead mount to the machine shop today to get all the holes elongated. Get home tonight to install the rear bumper and they sent me two left braces. Hopefully they tell me I’m an idiot and the brackets turns inside out. F my luck.
Not jeep related--but had part of my driveway and the sidewalk foam-jacked. The sidewalk had sunk about 6" from the time the house was built.



Ill be fixing the drain that had also sunk, and pouring the small slab on concrete you can see missing. It will all be connected back to the gutter.