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Lancet: The indivisible pandemic

Reign Mack

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Nov 30, 2015
London England
Quote “There is very little we can do to prevent this spread: a lockdown might delay severe cases for a while, but once restrictions are eased, cases will reappear. I expect that when we count the number of deaths from COVID-19 in each country in 1 year from now, the figures will be similar, regardless of measures taken.”



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Sep 28, 2015
Florence, AZ
I agree.

There is little we can do to prevent it. We can wait for a vaccine, but by the time that happens, what would be the death toll on the economy?

In addition, even if there is a vaccine, the virus can mutate and evolve into another strain.

I think ultimately this should be a wake up call in terms of being cleaner, washing your hands, and staying away from large gatherings if you feel you may be compromised in some way.

We can hide all we want, but that can't last forever. We're already starting to see massive pushback from citizens here in the U.S. who are refusing to stay cooped up any longer. I can relate, as I am one of them.