LED backup lights

Ive got some cash in my pocket. Add me to the list please and Ill pick up locally too.
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Be prepared for your 1099k from paypal/venmo for $600+ in income🤬
Yeah no kidding! The Govt sure is tightening down on all those little income streams. Thanks so much :cautious:

I had no idea these would be this popular.
Just bear with me, the LED's come to me pretty slowly.
I'll get them made, but it will be a while.
I went looking for something exactly like this recently, and didn't like anything I saw. Evidently, lots of other folks had the same problem. And then this thread showed up . . .
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Again, it may be a few weeks before I can get more LEDs

That said, the list of next folks are:
Finally got some supplies. The above quoted crew has been PM'd

The remaining list goes like this:
@Sea Cot
@LJ in Omaha

It will be a while, but I'll get to them over time. Thanks for the patience.
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Is there anybody left on this forum who does NOT either have these lites or have them on the way? I certainly like mine!
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