LED signals gone haywire


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Oct 17, 2020
Hey Jeepers,
new to the site, but seeing if i can scavenge up some advice. I've replaced the 2 pairs of turn signals up front and the brake and reverse lights in back with LEDs. Also replaced stock flasher relay with EP26 relay (same 4 pin design as stock). With everything off, the hazards work just fine. with the ignition on and headlights off - turning on the left signal causes the left front to blink and both tail lights to blink. turning on the right signal will cause both front signals and both rear signals to blink. in no scenario can i get the side marker lights on the fender flares to work. I figured the LEDs might be polarized so i tried all the combinations of flipping those around and that didn't change anything. If i turn the parking lights or head lights on, left front signal is steady as it should be and right is out, rear is good. when i add left signal to that, everything is fine except right front is still out. when i turn on the right signal the right front and back will blink as normal. i was able to read about 6.1 volts to both side markers, not sure, but i guess i was expecting to get 12V there. i guess just looking to tips on how to trouble shoot, and maybe the best place to start that process. thanks in advance!
What are your dash signal indicators showing with no signal selected...then with signal on.

Then wuth just headlights on. What are they showing...and then wuth lights on abd signals on.

Moreover your led turn signals up front...are they two wire or three wire? Factory is three but a lot of LED aftermarket is only two.
About two years ago i put in led turn signals after doing led headlights and brake lights.... never could get them to work correctly so switched the signal lamps back out
Thanks guys for the support. the signial indicators on the dash seem to be lining up with what ever im making the system do - it was always what's on the outside that was wacky. with the same ep26 relay ive reinstalled all of the halogens and everything works fine so im not sure if it's worth it to monkey with it if i can get something that works, and doesnt have any weird or even unknown side effects.