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Lets see some before and after shots!


TJ Enthusiast
The day after I brought it home. 38,000 miles. Fully stock for a price of $15,000 out the door

First bumper. A Body Armour. Powder coating started falling off in chunks about 4 days later


After the Currie Savvy lift and 35 inch MTR's she became a beast


Today she is sitting on 37 STT Pro's. Wife has some wonderful perks at her job. Huge discount on the tires and a shop I can use on the weekends with 5 lifts so I can go in and do whatever I need to her. Another thing is most of the mechanics will loan me what I do not have ar far as tools. I usually buy them all lunch when Im there and they give me a hand.

This is how she sits today. I love her. My wife loves her and will bu anything she needs.

lj big.jpg


TJ Enthusiast
Bumpers are Warn. When I was living in Idaho Titan Trucks had a clearanceon the jeep stuff. I bought the front bumper, bull bar, winch plate, rear bumper and tire carrier for $475 clearance price.
Then the next week they had 2 Warn XDI 9000 winches marked down to $600 each so I bought both of those. Came home and was looking on the Warn website and they had $100 rebate on each. SCore!!