Let's see your front bumpers!


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Sep 28, 2015
Gillette, WY
I wanted to start a thread of front bumpers only. There's so many options out there for our TJs, many of which I've probably never even seen!

That being said, post a photo of your front bumper, along with the brand!

Here is mine but I don’t know the brand.

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Funny you should bring this topic up @Chris. Next upgrade is a winch - pretty sure it's going to be a Warn M8000s. Little did I know what a rabbit hole selecting a winch plate was going to be. My front bumper is modified stock. As you can see below, the PO chopped the ends off the stock bumper and welded on his own homemade brush guard. I like the chopped stock bumper itself as a base. The expense of a fancy aftermarket integrated winch type front bumper is not a priority for me at all. I like the idea of keeping the PO's mods to some extent for character and as part of the Jeep's history. The two lights will be moved at least and likely replaced. They're about as bright as a cheap drugstore flashlight with dead batteries. The center support bars will definitely have to go to accommodate the front of the winch and fairlead. The ends of the brush guard bar are also real close to the winch plate mounting bolts so the whole thing might have to go if I don't want to/can't modify the winch plate. Can't decide whether to go with a simple winch plate and work around the existing brush guard or go with something a little more design built for the winch and fairlead etc., and fab a new brush guard to weld on . . . I've only just begun perusing the internet on this choice.
That looks nice. I like the stout compact look. What winch plate is that?

Rough County winch plate. I figured 1/4" steel is 1/4" steel and there was no need to spend more on something like a Tomken. This was less than $50 on ebay.
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