Let's see your TJ in your garage

Kiwi TJ

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May 3, 2016
Auckland New Zealand
I like it! And best of all is you have a Colorado license plate up there on the beam!! Nice setup 👍😎

Thanks allot Bonus points as I have 2 of them up there haha....its great to have room to move this time.


TJJ78 and TJJ77
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Apr 9, 2018
Corvallis, Oregon
Finally moved in to may new place properly and 90% sorted out the garage...much bigger than my last one so plenty of room for projects and working on the TJ too.
It was pretty dark in there as there is only 1 small window and the doorway but manage to find these REALLY bright LED plug an play lights and wow its like a sunny day in there now...

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Is there an Oregon plate up there?
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