Lets see your TJ with 17" OEM wheels

Your LJ looks amazing as is, the color is highly sought after. I personally wouldn't go to 17's.
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Geez! I just looked at 35x12.5r17 tire prices compared to 35x12.5r15. The 17's used to be in the $330-350 range. Now they're in the $400+ range. That is ridiculous. I may stay with a 15" wheel. The same tires in 15" are about $275.I have been thinking about pulling the trigger on some 17" beadlocks, but it's hard for me to believe the 17" tires will be almost as much as the wheels.
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my LJ had JK wheels with 33's when I bought it. They came off immediately as I transferred the entire build off of my TJ onto the LJ.


EDIT: Actually I think thost might have been 18s. It's been a couple years.
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I agree with some of the offroad sentiment for 15's, but we shouldn't turn a blind eye to tire market's move away from 15's.
Don’t like the looks of 35” tires on 15” rims. Looks like you’ve running on marshmallows.

Scored a set of 17” JK Moab’s with adapters and 31.6” AT tires with life left in them. Might have gone with 16” TJ Moab’s because of the deeper back spacing and no adapters for but the ones I found were all 3-4 times what I paid for the JK ones



If anyone in the Chicagoland area wants a free set, with good tires, for free…PM me

I will be tossin them soon if no takers
Pictures of them in my 1st post on this forum