Lighter 285/75/16 for trail use?


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Apr 8, 2020
My long term plan is to keep my 03’ TJR to look stock as possible but be very capable off-road. Current like is 3” and bump set set correctly but I will be goin up to a 3.5” (1” BL already installed plus 2-2.5” springs)

That’s why I’m trying to keep my 16” Moab wheels. I’ve been researching for weeks and spent a lot of time on tire rack and discount tire because they provide tire weights but I’m striking out unless I want to spend $1400 installed on tires

Looking to keep the weight a low as possible to help the jeep as much as possible power wise because I’m trying to keep my stock 4.10 gears.

Anyone know of trail worthy, light 285/75/16? Or 255/85/16 works too but very few choices. Need to keep the 33” because I have a new toyo at3 spare. All others are Toyo at 2 that are pushing 9 years and I don’t feel safe with them

Jeep will see mostly off-road (slick rock, sand, etc) with some in town driving.