California List of SoCal members who like to go off-roading

I'm going to do a morning Cleghorn run on the 31st as a shakedown. I will start a new thread to keep this one a bit cleaner.
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Yes, the Doran/Odessa trail is near Calico. Oddly enough this was once a paved scenic route, but mother nature took all back after they stopped maintenance on that road (some remains of the pavement can still be seen).
Weird to see the left over asphalt. Look at 1 min 15 sec, to the right on the canyon wall you can see some left over.

My son and I are going to do the Rubicon on Oct 2-3 and in order to be ready we are going to do another shakedown run at Cleghorn on Sept 18. Anyone is welcome to join us. Early start at 8am (ready to roll) since it gets busy. Let me know if you'd like to join. Here are some pics from the one a little over a week ago.
I’d like to compile a list of the SoCal members who like to go off-roading and would like to be tagged in run announcements. Just reply to this thread and I’ll update the original post with your name in it. When making a run announcement simply copy and paste the names below into your post and all names on the list will receive a notification that their name was mentioned in a post.

@Sancho @DoOver
@Nickgsjeep @Billy06 @Ocho @Dino Darling @Bigmac @Larry97TJ @Nightmare9 @fuse @Brandough @GoBig @49mercpapo @CaliSteve @lulzpwndyah @1904-06LJR @Richyrich @Stinkbug @connor grimes @bkeith72 @EzPeezy
@Jerry Bransford @Rec_Rider @olafwagner @ncfitton @suicideking
Even though I’m NorCal you can tag me too
May join on a run from time to time . Doing goler wash trail / butte valley trail sun oct 17th if anyone interested . Driving from sf to trona oct 16.
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If by notification you mean the bell in the upper right corner had an extra number leading here, then yep. Received!
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I got notified because I am watching this thread. Nothing notified me saying I was mentioned. I wonder if that would happen on an unwatched thread.