Lithium power banks


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Oct 29, 2015
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Does anyone have / use a lithium power bank for off roaring?

Costco has a nice looking one with the ability to function as a jump starter on sale right now. That got me looking at these in general as a power source to recharge gadgets and possibly for emergency jump start use. We've standardized on eneloop rechargeable batteries for all of our battery powered gadgets, but that leaves the tablet and cell phones dependant on running the Jeep to recharge. This type of power bank would take the TJ out of the power cycle. We use solar panels to recharge the eneloops now. Those don't work well strapped to the Jeep, but do work well in base camp.

Trying to get a minimum of ten days energy independence out of our set up, and it seems that a pair of these added into the mix might be the solution.

What'cha all think?

Argh! I see @LeePTI has a thread going on these things as well. They look pretty good.


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