Long time Cherokee Owner, First Wrangler

Ohio Kirk

Aug 30, 2018
Hello Folks! Long time Cherokee owner of 22 years, and I have finally come over to the Wrangler side! I just picked up a 2001 And like about every other jeep, she needs some work! lol Looking forward to discussing our passion with all of you.

Looks like they're nearly the same color!

I come from having previously owned a number of XJs myself!
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Yeah, I do miss the cargo space, used to haul a lot in my cherokee! Now I'm broker than ever lol
You don't know broke till you get a TJ.

Welcome to the forum! Great to have you. I'm looking at picking up a 1991 Cherokee Sport, i6, 4x4 for about a grand here in a few months. I really prefer TJ's though! I've wheeled with XJ's on 35's and locked front and rear and out-wheeled them to death with open diffs. It's crazy. I can't understand why. Still love them...
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Thanks for the replies! She is coming along slowly, poor thing sat for two years, so now I am replacing about everything, the Wife has already renamed her the Mistress.