Look out Metalcloak, you have competition


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Dec 16, 2018
Maybe because they are not really catering these to the TJ crowd but I am surprised that there has been no discussion of the new joints out there.

Teraflex IR

RockKrawler Adventure Series

I noticed that neither of them is comparing themselves to RockJock but rather Metalcloak and the DDB/Giiro as maintainance free options. They both at least did fix my major critique of the Duroflex bushing in that they moved the bearing surface into the bushing and not have it be one of the major components of the control arm. It would be very interesting to see if RockKrawler sized the bushing where they would fit in a Metalcloak arm.
How long are the O-Rings going to last and keep crap out of the Teraflex IR joint?

Did Mr Rockrawler have to use all those fancy words the first 30 seconds? I thought I was listening to a feminine shampoo commercial.
Wait - I'm confused. Which is the best control arm to use if I want my Jeep to handle like a wet noodle, both on and off the road?

Teraflex guy lost me at 33 seconds with the gang signs and it didn't get better from there.
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Blaine said we needed an adventure.

I did not say that. I said we like adventures. I more had in mind the kind where we don't know where we are going, don't know what we are going to do and have no idea where we will wind up. This is exactly none of that and in fact more than a bit predictable.