Looking for TJ mechanic in North West UK


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Oct 5, 2022
United Kingdom
Hi - I am looking for a garage in the North West of the UK who has some experience working on Jeeps and preferably to older models like my TJ 97.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Been using Frog's Island Workshop:


they used to be a much bigger outfit doing customisation etc. at Milton Park, but they’ve been good so far. Haven’t asked them for anything complicated yet but I just wanted someone who knew the TJ well.

Thank’s for that, not actually that far from me in the scheme of things. I just gave them a call and sent a follow up email about whether they would be able to quote for my regear and lockers.
Hope it works out. You can drop off when they are closed and stick keys through the door, and collect when they are closed - they have a deal with the petrol station next door who are open all hours and will hold keys for you. Payment over the phone. Works out pretty convenient. One of them (Neil) lives very close to me so occasionally has even popped over to do a quick diagnosis for me so they can order parts in. The only issue has been the waiting time - which if nothing else proves they are popular.