Looking for tube fender pictures


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Sep 26, 2022
Alva, Oklahoma
I am looking for pictures of tube fenders with 31 inch tires and a 2-3” suspension lift.

I know I know it’s going to look ridiculous! Too much gap! Stock fenders look better!

I recently bought a 2004 wrangler 4.0. Previous owner stuffed 33s and a budget boost. Trannycase drop and bad driveline vibes. I’ve replaced pretty much all suspension components/ steering components, and am saving up for a sye.

The tires on the Jeep had 85% tread. I was going to keep them (because who wouldn’t,) when I found out they were 12 years old and the belt had started to separate on one of them.

Replaced with 31 inch wildpeaks, since I have a stock Dana 35 and 3.73 gears. Wanted good highway driveability, and am pleased with the 31s so far. Might go up in size in the future, but that will be after I wear my current tires out.

Anyways, back on track. My fenders are starting to rust out due to the PO drilling holes in them to mount lights, and then deciding not to mount the lights. Plus the clear coat is peeling on them and they just overall look bad. PO gave me some EAG tube fenders that he never put on, so I was tossing up the idea of putting them on.

I’m thinking about putting them on (because they were free!) and if I really hate them, running them until I get some stock fenders.

If you have pictures of tube fenders on 31s with a 2.5 inch lift I would love to see them!

If you have stock black fenders in good shape and want to trade for some brand new EAG fenders, let me know!