Looking to buy this 98 4.0


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Mar 1, 2024
Wanting to purchase this Jeep. 5 speed w 125k miles for $9k. 4 inch lift, aftermarket wheels and tires, upgraded headlights, new bucket style sport seats. Previous owner had it for 2 months but other PO had rebuilt the frame? Also, rust spots on the door and driveshaft/differential (pictures show it). Coolant reservoir was empty. Brakes felt worn and had to used hardly. Any causes for concern here? Thoughts and advice is appreciated.












Not sure where your located, but I would stay clear of the that one. Too much rust for $9,000.00 I’m certain no matter where you are located a cleaner one will show up. You may pay a little more for it but not by much. Secondly if the current owner has only had it for 2mo they must have found that it is going to become a money pit or they have discovered further issues causing concern.

Just my thoughts!
Nope!, One persons "rebuilt" frame is everyone else's needle gunned, crudely patched and rattle canned frame. Aside from all that has already been pointed out, if the owner can't be bothered to fill the coolant reservoir or maintain the brakes, what other deeper maintenance has been neglected. Their might be some cool Amazon bolt on parts, but not $9000 worth of them. Walk on by and keep looking.
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Not to mention an empty coolant reservoir means there is a leak, either external or internal. Coolant doesn't just evaporate.
Usually it is recommended to poke your finger inside the frame to check for rust but on that one I wouldn't even get that far, not worth crawling underneath.
That'd be a HARD PASS from me.

That looks like someone elses problem.
No need to pay $9,000 and make it your problem, especially when there are actual good TJ's on the market for the same price.
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The rust you can see is not really the problem; it’s the RUST inside the frame that you can’t see that is the problem. There are several patches applied to the frame already and rattle can to hide what is wrong in other areas. You might even find hidden patches in the areas covered with the rattle can.
Walk away quickly especially for what the owner is asking….
As others have responded HARD PASS….
Damn guy’s! That’s not what he wanted to hear first thing Sunday morning while we’re all gassing up and loading the ice chests in our Jeep’s! (You saved his ass a butt load of expensive heart ache) He will own a TJ someday, just not this one!
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