STICKY Major Ride of the Year (ROTY) Giveaway Announcement


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Sep 28, 2015
Gillette, WY
Get ready for the Ride of the Year (ROTY) contest!

Every winner of the Ride of the Month (ROTM) contest this year from January until November will be automatically entered in the year end ROTY contest in December.

The winner of the ROTY contest will win a free Vanco big brake kit compliments of @mrblaine as well as a free replacement PCM from @Wranglerfix!

There are a few restrictions:
  1. You cannot accept the prizes if you have any intention of not running the parts. So if you win 1st place and either already have a big brake kit or don’t plan to run it, you will have to forego the brake kit and instead you’ll receive a $500 Visa gift card. The same goes for second place as well. If you win and have no intention of running the tie rod you will receive a $100 gift card instead.

  2. In addition, if the 1st place winner chooses the big brake kit, they will be required to make a new thread on the forum within 8 weeks of receiving the kit (barring weather restrictions). That thread should include their impressions of the brake kit. In other words, if you win the brake kit you are going to be required to write your review / impressions of the kit.

  3. The photos will not be accepted if post processing (meaning Photoshop or any other photo editing program) is obvious and we will defer to the final judgement of a few chosen experts to make that decision. New photos are not requited, but you can’t use the one(s) you previously won with.
I would encourage any of you who are really wanting a big brake kit and a free PCM to get out there and start taking some amazing photos.