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Spring in Italy 😊😊 No windows, fresh air and music up into the woods!! 🇮🇹🇺🇲

All of the cars in my collection are as close to stock as possible. I was born when CJ2s were common. I've watched the common become rare due to rust abuse, chop jobs, and attrition. In these parts, a nice clean TJ is already rare. I can't see how guys think they are "personalizing" their Jeep by making it look like all the other jacked up, stripped down, over-tired and wrung out examples death wobbling down the road. Rant mode off. To each their own.

Tell us how you really feel 😂
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Playing on the rocks in Sedona. My son had me go up/down this one several times.
That's a great shot! Sedona is truly a unique playland for Jeepers. The red rock formations and challenging trails make for an unforgettable Jeeping experience. It sounds like your son had a blast being your co-pilot. Did you get to explore any other trails while you were there?
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