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Chris S

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Jul 20, 2017
Hanover, VA, United States
Im not sure if this belongs in offtopic or not, especially since this is supposed to be a little TJ, but heres me at about 3 years old, after going to a Camp jeep, playing with my little powerwheels jeep tj




Anyway, just thought you guys would find this interesting/funny
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That's pretty cool! Our kids have a Barbie Jeep Powerwheel, but it's not as cool as that setup!
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You know I look at one today and I think the same thing I thought 46 years ago... I'd like to ride in that.

Life goes fast boys, take the top off when you can.
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My boy used to have one of those too when he was about that age. We used to take it Wheelin/camping, and he would get it stuck, and come get me to come winch it out. So I would. It was so funny he would be hung up on a branch, and I would roll up on my 6 inch lifted 72 K5 blazer with 38.5 super swampers and winch it off of the branch. I miss that, he is 24 now. He can just lift his power wheels off the branch now.

Great pics!
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