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Jul 30, 2018
We undertook a bathroom remodel, the city refused to issue a permit because the homeowner had an existing permit on a swimming pool that had never been closed.

I talked to the pool person and I could tell that he was absolutely not interested in helping and that led me to wonder if there was something that he wasn’t telling.

Well it turns out the property is part of the floodplain and governed by FEMA guidelines.

And the pool person neglected to follow those guidelines and made some changes to the floodplain earth work which is huge no-no.

Well in the process of getting it all worked out the city comes out and talks to the homeowner about the possibility of removing the swimming pool.

This is another good example of why you need to have a good attorney in life.

They were gracious to us and issue the permit we need but the situation is yet to be resolved- The pool person will probably get smacked around and he needs to.