Mothers Back to Black is amazing


Feb 20, 2021
I have a 2000 TJ that’s in pretty good shape considering its age. But the two triangular plastic parts at the front of the doors (no idea what they’re called) were very seriously faded and dried out. I did one application of back to black with almost no results. Did another application and the next day it was spotty looking but getting darker. After a third and fourth application… holy cow complete transformation! They look brand new. Very happy with the product and results. Will follow up with long term results.
I gave up on quick coat stuff you find at the local stores long ago, pulled plastic trim off, ordered and attempted using forever black trim restorer over the winter. It just turned out just ok, it's streaky & it's difficult to apply without leaving streaks. but a good 10' away it looks better than before.. so theres that.

have since learned its better to replace when possible, but the replacement plastics only look good for a year anyways.. so at this point I dont really care anymore.
And here I thought this was going to be about BLM ....... 🤷‍♂️

Depends on what the B stands for. 🤫 I saw this video on TMZ.

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Back to black is mediocre at best and wil not last long. As far as I'm concerned, without a doubt, Rust-Oleum Wipe New Trim Restore is the best! It has worked great on my cars and it lasts at least one to two years. Make sure you follow the instructions. Not long ago Consumer Reports did a comparison and Rust-Oleum Wipe New came out far ahead of the pack. Back to black didn't fare well.
So, what's a good recommendation then? The cowl panel on the new to us JLU needs a little love

One detailing product is meguiars hyper dressing. Buy it in a gallon and dilute it in a spray bottle to whatever gloss/ sheen you prefer. Works well on trims, inner wheel wells and textured plastics, undercarriage, etc… A more expensive product that I love is SC-1 silicone spray. High gloss (if that’s your thing) and smells so good you’ll start a huffing habit.
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