My instrument cluster is going nuts


Apr 16, 2019
Austin, TX
First I started the engine and the oil pressure gauge was stuck in low, and the “check gauges” light came on. I turned the engine off and back on, and this time the gauge went to the middle point and everything was fine. Fast forward several days and the same thing happened, except this time it took several tries until the gauge moved. So I though I had an oil pressure sensor that was stuck maybe. So I’m on my way to autozone, and the “check gauges” light comes on again but the oil pressure gauge seems OK and I’m like why is this warning light on? And then when I’m slowing down doing maybe 20 mph, the speedo needle goes nuts and starts jumping up and down. It only does it when I’m between zero and maybe 20 mph. I’m not sure what to do other than clean the electrical connectors on the back of the instrument cluster. My Jeep seems to be plagued by electrical gremlins. Is that common?