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My LJ Thread - A MrBlaine Spec'ed LJ Build for Daily Driving and Weekend Adventure


TJ Enthusiast
Apr 7, 2016
So Cal
On the last morning we made a killer breakfast and rolled out of camp. I had some serious miles to drive. Our remote desert compound was a pretty glorious home while we stayed, until next time.

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On the road again...

View attachment 39568

Finally back onto some pavement after a million miles of dirt roads. HWY 395 in CA is one of my favorite scenic drives. It was fun taking it north in the LJ with the view of the Sierra Nevada range along for the ride.

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What was the highest engine coolant temperatures you have seen so far? And in what conditions?

I can't recall if there is a trans gauge...if so, what was the highest trans temps?


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Oct 20, 2018
Tampa FL
Hello, just read through your build. Awesome pictures and work. I too have a 2006 LJ Rubicon with the Savvy mid arm lift that I installed last year. I have a few questions I hope either you or MrBlaine can help with.

First, do you have the Savvy engine skid installed? If so, did it have to be modified to clear the new upper front control arm? Any pics of the mount setup? I want to order the complete setup (belly skid/engine skid) and was curious of any fitment issues that needed addressing to work with the mid arm suspension.

Second, any issues with rear spring perch angles necessitating reworking the rear spring mounts when using the savvy cross member on the LJ. I know the cross member raises the tranny up which will require adjusting the pinion angle on the rear axle. I just didn't know what affect there will be on the rear springs. I'm hoping the LJ , having the longer wheel base, may not require as much pinion adjustment. I do have a double cardan rear drive shaft. My jeep has the Currie 4" springs and 1.25" BL and MML to fit this suspension.

One last question is if I later swap to a LS motor with 4L60e tranny, will the Savvy Under Armor still work with that engine/tranny? I too am having the dreaded ECM issues and may go that route in the not so distant future. Want to make sure I'm future proof.

Thanks Mike


TJ Enthusiast
Apr 7, 2016
So Cal
BFG KO2 315/70/17 = 34.4" available in c and e load ratings 15/32 tread

BFG KO2 35x12.5x 17 = 34.5" load range e

BFG KM2 35x12.5x17 = 34.8 load range d 20/32 tread

BFG KM3 35x12.5x17 = 34.8 load range 18 /32 tread

Goodyear mtr 35x12.5x17 = 34.5 load range c . 21/32 tread

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Aug 1, 2017
Indiana, United States
Bfg 315/70/17 = 34.4" available in c and e load ratings 15/32 tread

Bfg 35x12.5x 17 = 34.5" load range e

Goodyear mtr 35x12.5x17 = 34.8 load range C. 21/32 tread

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The KM2 listed as a 35” tire still will measure 34.25” mounted. BFgoodrich is awful about the suggested size. It’s always way smaller.