My short-term (5000 mile) review of my CSF replacement radiator

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Sep 1, 2018
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So when I bought my Jeep, the PO had mentioned he had replaced the stock radiator a few thousand miles back. You can see coolant around the foam that surrounds the front of the radiator, so the old one must have blown it’s top.

Anyways, I did a full cooling system flush one month into ownership. The old coolant looked clean, and was bright green (probably Prestone), but I wanted to flush and replace it with G-05 just for peace of mind. No issues cooling up to this point.

Doing some digging, I discovered this was not a Mopar radiator, but a CSF radiator; particularly CSF 3244. I almost bought a replacement Mopar, but decided to guinea pig the CSF radiator on the chance that it turns out to be a decent product. It comes with a built-in auto trans cooler, and is built to OE specs with a one-row design. They also list their part dimensions online.

I’ve put just shy of 2000 miles on my Jeep since I bought it. Between that and the miles the PO had on it, let’s call it 5000 miles on the radiator, and I have had zero issues with cooling thus far. We’ve had one of the hottest summers on record here in AZ which has meant full AC whenever I’m out and about in the Jeep. On the road, on the freeway, and on the trail (with AC on full), my Jeep has kept between 202-208* via OBD scanner, which I like to check frequently too see how the cooling system is performing. It has only gone just a hair above the 210 mark once, and that was going up a mountain road before I did the cooling system flush (also had a 15lb cap on at the time, courtesy of the PO). This is where my needle normally sits representing the temperatures I listed above, again, regularly checking via OBD.

Everyone swears by Mopar radiators, and rightfully so if you can get the mileage out of them that everyone reports. But if this radiator holds out, even for half the time/mileage the Mopar radiators do, at $100 +/- a piece, it doesn’t seem like a bad investment, especially when the Mopar ones dry up. I’m happy with mine for now.

I know I know, I need to replace the hose clamps with constant tension clamps.
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I look forward to your long, long term review. Where are these made?
I don't know how it could be, I've read countless threads here that state unequivocally that the OEM cooling system is the pinnacle of automotive engineering and can not be improved upon.

If you believe that, Kamala Harris is the best President in history. Joe Biden has said so on several occasions. 🤔
If you believe that, Kamala Harris is the best President in history. Joe Biden has said so on several occasions. 🤔

LOL, I don't believe it for a second. Doesn't change what the narrative is though. Regardless, would be great to find a replacement radiator that was at least as good as OEM once the OEM fully dries up.
Well, I can give you the 10 month review on my CSF radiator. It's leaking! Maybe I got a bad one or maybe the SoCal desert is just too much for it. Who knows, but I will not be buying another one.

Well dookie on a stick, I was stupidly optimistic about this one.
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