My wife crossed over to the dark side...and I like it so far


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Apr 22, 2019
West Michigan
2 weeks ago I bought the wife a 2012 JK, as for now she says I can keep the TJ lol. I am really starting to like the JK and have already been thinking of buying her a newer 4 door JL next year and building the JK for me. It will be hard to get rid of the TJ though. So far I just started a mild build on the JK for her liking. Added Toyo Open Country AT3's and Grid Off Road wheels. Tonight I will start the installation of the Teraflex 2.5 lift. I have color matched fenders that I will put on this weekend. We have a 2 week Colorado trip next month and decided instead of trailering the TJ we will drive the JK out there. Here is the before and after so far.