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Jun 28, 2020
Anyone up for a day trip? I’m north of the permitter but happy to drive up to the Blueridge/Blairsville/Elijay area. I did Cooper Creek last fall so looking for something new.
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Honestly no real preference other than staying out of the mud and lunch at the Sawmill in Blairsville is always a good time. I’ve never done Beasley Knob or Cashes Valley so those are my first two suggestions.

I might convince one neighbor with a JK that’s never seen 4wd and another I’ve done a few rides with to join.
rock creek wma ! also called blue ridge wma its on the national forest just like coopers creek. it never closes
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Ideally I’m home for dinner with the kids so in general earlier is better for me. My crew has a 2hr drive, figure if we can be on the road by 7 we can hit the trails around 9. Should give us some solid trail time before it gets dark.
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