Nashville TJ's Build - Continued

Challenge accepted, I know a trail that might be up for the task!


Windrock 10-10-2023-145.JPG
Yep, that is the trail I was thinking of. Pictures don't do it justice.

Never do on the tough ones. One thing about that picture of Rattle Rocks. I think that is Mark standing behind the tree on the right - when you see that it gives a little perspective to the size of those rocks and the slope.
Since I had the coilovers out, I wanted to address something that has bugged me a bit. To get to my ride height on the springs in the front - running 250/250 - I needed about 3.5" of preload. I seem to recall reading somewhere in King's documentation to target about 2" of preload. So to address that, and stiffen up the ride in the front just a bit, I picked up some 350 pound King springs from Summit. I will run the 250s on top of the 350s and see how it goes.


It takes just a few minutes to pull them apart and install the new springs. I've accumulated quite a few sets of springs over the years.


With the new springs installed and the preload set at 2", the ride height came out just about the same. So that part worked at least. I'll do some driving and see how it works with the stiffer setup. The combined effective spring rate goes from 125 to about 146.

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Also while I had it apart I wanted to check the toe. Usually in the past I've set the toe by measuring the center seam on the tire and calling it good. This time looking for a bit more accuracy I pulled out the laser. Good thing too - it was actually toed out just a bit. After a bit of fiddling I set it to 3/16 toe-in at 20".

I knocked out a quick project today.

For many years I've had a rain cover which I've used on occasion, but it's always had a few problems. First, the tie down system was not effective and would not stay in place with even a mild wind, and rain would puddle on the top because you could never get it tight enough. To get it tighter I installed bungy cords in the grommets, but they had metal ends which whacked the rig every time I threw it on. They were also a pain to install and remove.

The other problem is that since I do not have a stock roll bar, the fitment around the back of the cage has always been loose. I did not take a before pic, but here it is with the back pinned up to remove the extra fabric.



So I pulled out the big sewing machine and went to work.


The back fits much better now, with no more loose fabric. Although looking at the pic now I see that I missed getting the left side seam straight. Or maybe the right side seam should have been curved??? :rolleyes:

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To address the tie down system I picked up some 1" nylon webbing and a bunch of snap buckles. They are very snug, easy to adjust, and very quick to snap on and off. The rocker guard makes a convenient mounting point.


To secure the back, I ran two straps from the corners to the center section, using the D-rings as mounting points. My idea was to be able to install the cover with the tire carrier open or closed - which worked fine.


But as soon as I looked at the result, I realized that the first time I installed the cover with the carrier closed, and then forgot and opened the carrier without disconnecting the straps - the cover would be instantly ripped to shreds (Yeah - that is definitely something I would do).

So I changed the path of the straps to use the taillight guards as the mounting point. Now no issue with the carrier.


I do wish I had thought of this first, as I would have changed the angle on the straps where they attach to the cover. On all my straps I used webbing as a backing to sandwich the cover fabric, so it will be plenty strong and will work fine despite the angle. It just looks a little funny...:rolleyes:
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