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The KC Chief

New Member
Feb 17, 2019
St. Louis MO
I have a 98 tj that I have had since college. It is the 4 banger AND it is automatic, so it is basically gutless. I have done everything I can to squeeze what little power there is out of it, but it is time for a new engine (the thing is old enough to drink legally now). Now, before anyone comes at me with some shade about the current drive train, please know this was purchased by my father during his 1st midlife crisis (the 2nd was a boat that never saw the water) and I had nothing to do with it. That said, I need to know if anyone knows a good shop in or around the St. Louis area (say, 100 mile radius) that can handle a swap from a 4 banger to either the Jeep 4.0 or a Chevy 4.3. So far, I can’t find anyone that specializes, so I am hoping someone else out there has worked with someone on the same type of project. I will never get rid of this Jeep, so restoring it is really my only option.
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