New 4.0 throttle bodies not available?


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Jun 12, 2023
Anyone have recommendations on throttle bodies??
I cant find anything on Rock Auto,
Autozone, NAPA or Advanced Auto
but Amazon has a few

My linkage is loose, plus codes, and I just need a new one
The rest of them look like China bait

I only have rough idle at initial startup throwing IAT codes but a shop told me the TB is close to the end

Am I unaware of a different name or is production stopped??
$300?! Dang. Salvage yards are probably a better bet. Also expand you search to include XJs & other 90's Cherokees, I'm confident these were interchangeable.
Try cleaning the IAC in the throttle body first. No need to remove it. In fact doing it the following way without removing the IAC will clean both the IAC itself and its air passageways inside the TB.

Get a can of aerosol TB cleaner. Remove the air intake tube from the throttle body then start the engine. While the engine is running at idle rpms, spray the cleaner at the Idle Air Control Passage Inlet as below, that's where the IAC pulls all its air from. The cleaner will flood the IAC and the engine will stall... normal and a good thing since that gives the cleaner more time in the IAC. Restart the engine again and spray more cleaner until it stalls. Keep doing it until you've gotten maybe 1/3 of the can through the IAC system. Don't raise the engine rpms above idle to prevent the engine the engine from stalling, that will just cause the cleaner to bypass the IAC system.

Removing the IAC to clean it instead of cleaning it while the engine is running will leave the IAC's air passageways inside the TB dirty/clogged with black combustion byproducts.

TB & TPS Sensor Locations.jpg
I appreciate that direction Jerry
I did the research and cleaned inside the TB and IAC repeatedly a few weeks ago. I then cleared my codes.

Unfortunately the problem still exists and code threw again. I spoke with the merc I bought this from and he said they put a cheap IAC in from Autozone, and its had issues.

Plus the linkage on the TB is loose and a mechanic in my boys shop told me its a risky siutation, I should replace it
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Is the throttle shaft actually loose within the throttlebody?

I'm interpreting "The linkage is loose" as the shaft has worn the throttle body and needs new bushings/bearings/seals. I'd get another used one and buy a bushing kit with ream to use on the current one when its off.
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Your line of questioning seems on par with what I vaguely recall him saying.

Ive never rebuilt one, but Im open to learning if theres info in sourcing the parts