New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

Have you been to an Air Care Facility and they are refusing to put it on the dynamometer?

From my 98 manual...

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What stands out to me:
It can take up to 2 Failures in a row to turn on the
MIL. After the MIL is ON, it takes 3 Good Trips to
turn the MIL OFF. After the MIL is OFF, the PCM
will self-erase the DTC after 40 Warm-up cycles
. A
Warm-up cycle is counted when the ECT (Engine
Coolant Temperature Sensor) has crossed 160°F and
has risen by at least 40°F
since the engine has been
Tried two stations in different counties 4 days apart... Jeffco (Golden) and Denver (Sheridan). Both refused to do the IM240 (dynamometer) test due to the catalyst monitor status being "Not Ready". The cashier at the Sheridan location mumbled something about me being able to request a different test type through the State Emissions Technical Center
Thanks for the info. I have no stored codes (that Torque can read anyway) and no MIL.
Just discovered some information that was in (of all places 🙄) the pamphlet they gave me at the test center.
Apparently I can have up to two "not ready" monitors on my 98 but the 02 and cat sensors Must be set to "Ready".

I now recall this being the case during past inspections. I had concerns about failing due to "not ready" monitors but the cat and 02 were good to go. I think I just need to do some more ultra- deliberate driving with proper fuel levels to get the Jeep worthy of a run on the treadmill...and pray I don't need a new cat.
If I do, I may be buying two different types. 🤔