New engine wiring harness


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Mar 1, 2019
Reston, VA
So my 2000 4.0 Manual TJ keeps misfiring and getting P020X codes. It all started with intermittent P0206. I started simple with replacing the injectors and coil pack...that worked for a few months. I then replaced the the #6 injector harness. So after plugs, coil pack, #6 injector harness and all 6 new injectors, I caved and took it to the shop. Shop replaced the PCM which worked for a day. Towed it back to the shop and after blaming it my crappy butt connectors, they did a professional soldering job on the #6. Stated that I still needed the PCM saying my crappy butt connectors must have shorted it out. Got it back home and P0206 fired again. By the time it was towed back to the shop code and no misfire. They had if for a week driving it around, letting it run for an hour, shaking the wiring harness, but couldn't make it misfire. Of course I got it back home and the 2nd day it misfired and engine light came back on, but quickly started driving fine. Now I'm getting a P0205. All the shop can deduce is that it must be an intermittent break in the wiring. They can play with it, but playing with it costs money. They don't recommend brining it back in until it's consistent.

Electrical is not by strong suit, so I looking at wiring harnesses on eBay. I read a post from @Jerry Bransford that the harness rubs at back of the valve cover. Thinking a replacement harness would be easier than me trying to find the break. I've seen a few on eBay but I'm not sure if they're plug n' play??? a) 1997 manual w/o air; b) 2000 automatic loaded and c) 2004 manual.

Any guidance is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
The 2004 harness would most closely match the 2000 even though they have different transmissions since the factory harness addresses both transmissions and a multitude of options.
Check out the parts catalog in the resource section to find the part number and then see if you can find that same part number on eBay.
I have a 2003 rubicon 4L - the engine wiring harness is part #56047164 AE
i have found a 2006 harness - part #
56047553 AC- on the internet.
anyone know how I might validate that it would fit my 2003?

I have the engine/transmission harness for a 99 auto (I think it had a/c, I don't remember)....dunno how interchangeable they are. But I don't have any use for it, was planning to put it on CL or FB marketplace.
ok - thanks. mine is manual w/ AC, but will keep this in mind if the current option falls through. thank you!