New England Rusty Heap 98 TJ


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Dec 29, 2021
Fairhaven, MA
Started a thread on the OG Jeep Forum but I would prefer to only use this one.
Progress from June 2021-March 2023:

This weekend my friend Pernell came by and welded the passenger side frame patch.
Now this thing can go back together. New clutch installed, Transmission reinstalled, TC case drained/refilled and reinstalled, TC linkage reinstalled (still needs some adjusting), gas tank reinstalled, front exhaust with Catalytic converter reinstalled and starter has been reinstalled.







This came out of my transfer case:

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Sorry not a lot of pictures of the final install. Was rushing to be able to drive it on Memorial day after our camping trip.



Starting Sunday the following was done:
Skid plate installed currently only being held on by 4 of the 6 bolts...need to open two holes a little to get the last two bolts installed.
Rear drive shaft installed
Wires along drive tunnel tied up
New exhaust installed
Found two vacuum lines disconnected causing the engine to high idle, reconnected them and installed hose clamps to hold them on better.
Air intake reinstalled without snorkel
Clean contacts behind gauge cluster (gauges were not working again)
Reinstalled front center console, and lower shift boot.
Installed upper shift boot and toggle switch on shifter for lights.
Reinstalled driver seat with seat risers
Cleaned interior
Installed new RedRock soft top from Extremeterrain
Drilled out 6 of the 8 torx bolts for the rear tailgate, the bottom hinge was almost completely stuck drilled 3 small holes big enough for the WD-40 straw. Sprayed a bunch and got it moving again. Reinstalled hinge with new Grade 8 bolts and reinstalled tailgate.

Now the problem my AX5 transmission sounds awful I will get some video.
So now the search starts for a good used one that wont break the back.
Looking to spend the $400-$600 range.

Anyone here ever heard of DeadJeep out of Cumberland RI?
Over the past summer I did install a replacement AX-5 I got off eBay. At the same time I also replaced master slave cylinder for the clutch.

Just recently install a cheap Chinese radio that does support wired Apple car play and Android Auto.