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Jan 6, 2021
United Kingdom
Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time posting (I think!) - I'm Matt, living in Surrey, UK.

Started off in 2019 with a 1999 Teal Jeep TJ 2.5L Manual Sport. Loved it to death, the wife hated it, fenders rusted out, body had been welded. Spent many, many hours revamping the interior but low power and all the rust meant I eventually sold it. Quite heart-breaking but definitely the right call.

Recently bought my (hopefully!) forever Jeep - a 2006 Black 4L Auto Sahara Japanese Import (ZERO rust) - and with a Sprintex supercharger. Wife "likes" it as feel like a "real car". Definitely a NIGHT AND DAY difference to my previous one. Still quite terrified at how thirsty the super charger is but beyond enjoyable!

Official greetings to everyone here!


Welcome to the light!

Glad you got into another Jeep! Congrats the wife likes it!