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Mar 29, 2021
Orlando/Daytona Beach, FL
Hi everyone,

Just got my first jeep. Always wanted one, but never had the real need for one.

I’m glad I found this site, although, I think I’ll be slacking off on work for a while as I read through all of the info here…lol.

This is my 97 TJ, 2.5L, 5sp. It’s pretty clean for being in FL. I bought it near Orlando, from a “jeep guy” that bought it for is daughter’s first car. She didn’t want to drive it (I kind of don’t blame her).

Anyway, he did a bunch of maintenance and such, replacing the front drive shaft and getting the front end done right so it does not bounce all other the place with every bump. It drives pretty good for what it is.

It’s pretty clean, not much rust (one whole that had a light installed and removed), easy fix.

It going to be pretty much a beach jeep in Daytona… Now I’m ready for Jeep Beach 2021 coming up in April.

I'll start off with a “Thanks in Advance” for all of the posts I’ve read so far and any help I might get in the future.




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