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New tool day


TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Jun 25, 2019
figured id start a thread on what tool you just picked up.

dont know much about it other than its been in grandpas barn for as long as ive known. gonna do some research tonight. grandpas at the unfortunate point of realizing he has have junk.. but its good junk. took a little persuasion to get it, but he told me he feels better knowing it will be put to use and not tossed out. he wasn't much of a mechanic but more of a knowledgable jack of all trades. im thrilled to finally have a vise that is a large old heavy American made tool. next score im gonna have to stumble across would have to be a large anvil.

planning on lightly cleaning it overall leaving the greasy patina and really cleaning up the moving parts/surfaces. should have the steel work table this was mounted to in the next month or so as well.





TJ Enthusiast
Dec 26, 2020
Nice press. What model BMX bike is that hanging in the back with I do believe has Skyway Tuff wheels on it? I'm old lol.

The one you can see barely is a mid 90s Dyno with the Skyway mags. They are not original 1994 mags, they are newer ones I put on there a few years ago when I was building that bike as a project with my younger son.

My older son has a 1983 redline with black mags on it we built. Actually it might be an ‘83 Mongoose…..getting old myself and forgetting what I have any more.

When I was a kid I had a sweet neon green Dyno VFR with mags. Wish I still had it.