New Transfer Case Time?


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Sep 21, 2019
Kansas City
Hey guys. I've got an 06 TJ with the 2.4 and 6 speed. I'm trying to find out what transfer case will fit on the end of my transmission. My current transfer case has a nasty leak out if the tail housing, there's play in the output shaft to the rear wheels, and you can hear something in there clunking about half the time when I shut the Jeep off. I'd just rebuild it but the Jeep is my daily and I don't have time to mess around with rebuilding one. What can I snag a used case from to throw on? I'm getting all kinds of info from all kinds of different sources and now I'm all kinds of confused. I know it's an NP231J but that's about it. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys.
Yep. Just grab on from a junkyard. They are pretty easy to come by. Current prices seem to be in the $350-$450 range.
Right but what do I need to grab one from? I've heard some vehicles used 21 or 23 spline variations and have different shaft lengths. I just wanna make sure it all matches up.
23 spline. Manuals typically will use the long shafts. However the Rubicons 241or transfer case are all short shafts so I wouldn't be surprised is the same is true for 03 and later NP231's. To eliminate any question I would just grab one from a 03 and later manual.
I found one from an 01 Cherokee auto not too far from me, do you guys think that could work? I looked on and couldn't find anything unfortunately.

Found one 99 miles from KC for $450. Everything close is $700 and up.

Ahh I typed in car I was on a whole different website. That one you found is about 70 miles from me so I may have to snag it this weekend. Thanks man!
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The XJ one might work if its a manual. Check the ID tag on your transfer case and make sure its a match.