New Year Blues


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Jun 28, 2018
Apache Junction, Arizona
***** I Learned This This Year *****
It is January 2, 2019 and it is already an interesting year.
** I looked at my VA Medical Co-Pay and discovered what I pay for Acetaminophen 325mg/Oxycodone 5mg.
Civilians pay $9.14 up. Per Pill.
I pay $8.00. .... for 30 pills.
** I own a 2012 Jeep Rubicon, meaning it has bells and whistles and rings on her toes.
Today was really nippy so I availed myself of the remote start and after traversing the Costco parking lot opened the door to yummy warmth. I love that feature.
I put groceries in the back and, as I do when I drive, because tight britches make me look good but having things in the four pockets is uncomfortable I put my extra keys, wallet and phone on the seat, then went to return the shopping cart to the pick up stall.
When I returned the doors were locked! My Jeep had Locked Me Out! The extra keys I carry in case I locked myself out gave me an evil grin me from the seat.
I have a spare key in my rig, but it was locked. I have three free roadside assistance plans, but the numbers were behind the vault tight doors. Hopefully I can bill for the $179.00 door opening locksmith.
I hate when I have to re-learn a costly lesson.
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Jun 28, 2018
Apache Junction, Arizona
I reckon the good that came from the fiasco is that, after idling three hours, it was toasty inside. .... ;)

On a technical note, waiting three hours gave me time to notice that the Pentastar V6 engine idles much smoother than the Magnum V6 in my Dodge Dakota. Better electronics I suppose.


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Nov 5, 2018
For sure, the glass was actually half-full:)

I once did a foolish thing, by embarking on an aggressive trail in the PNW, at late-afternoon--a trail I'd never been on before. Toward sunset I discovered that the end of the trail, which was the quickest way back to the highway that I needed to be on pronto, consisted of maybe 40 yards of boulders. I had to engage some serious rock crawling to get out of there. I thought to myself, "What is the glass-is-half-full" conclusion here?

Conclusion: "Well, if I die, it'll be while I'm doing something I love."

I lived to see another day.

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Jan 6, 2017
VA, United States
Don't feel bad, it happens.

I was recently camping in a remote location during deer season, no cell coverage and was simply showing my brother something inside the Jeep......somehow laid the keys on floorboard and locked the Jeep.

Embarrassing as he had to drive me all the way home to get keys.
And to top it off....once we get to my house the wife puts us to work gathering all the Christmas decor from room above the garage:BangHead:
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Feb 17, 2018
Colorado, USA
I locked myself out a few years ago at the grocery store. With the hardtop on, it was reassuring to see how much trouble the locksmith had getting in. The next day I had a spare key made and hid it somewhere outside the passenger compartment.
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Aug 22, 2018
Utah and Alaska
I locked myself out of my car and apartment at -50 one morning at 4:30 , standing there in my PJ's it was a decision to break my apartment window or my car. Fortunately a neighbor came out or I would have froze to death. I never forgot having a spare key again! Still have on it my wallet.
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