Newbie from NJ

B Scholl

New Member
Sep 11, 2022
Sparta NJ
Greetings! Two week owner of an 03 Sahara purchased from the original owner. Always garaged, frame is perfect, 138k miles, 5 speed, 30” tire group with rear discs and Dana 44s. Soft top and interior is in great shape. Two rust spots on the top of each fender which will need new fenders, but overall great for a northeast Jeep.

I’m trying to go slowly before doing any mods. I’m kinda liking stock.

I sold my rarely ridden Harley for this…have another bike still so I can have two kinds of fun. But my wife won’t ride on the bike anymore so Sunday we took the top down and had a great day on some beautiful roads. I still love bikes but this Jeep is fun.

Note: I had an 01 years ago but it wasn’t good for the driving I was doing. It’s a blast having a TJ again at 64 yrs old !