Next best to Savvy bumper?

I don't know, I like my frame. Muh, steel. Roll bar too, me like steel. It's about the right material for the job, you got aluminum springs?
This is just more of you being obtuse. Wrong material for the job and context but you can't seem to help yourself.

I don't know, I like my frame. Muh, steel. Roll bar too, me like steel.
as if we were conversing about any of that
It's about the right material for the job
I wholeheartedly agree and I'll leave the material selection up to mrblaine as he's designed, tested and brought to market more products than you or I.
you got aluminum springs?
Yes. Savvy aluminum coil springs for my Fox coil overs with DSC. Don't even ask about availability let alone cost. :cool:
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It looks they currently have a few lj sliders in stock per the site. I never got an email though saying they were available. I thought about switching from my jcr sliders to the savvy but not sure it's really worth the switch vs using funds for other upgrades. I hate the jcr logo lol.
I like the logo if that helps at all. Those sliders look good and function well. I’d look into other upgrades with that chunk of money tbh
Blaine has outlined some cool improvements to the bumper, I guess it can't take hard pulls and he'd like those guards to be better integrated somehow. I didn't pay too close attention. Like @jjvw says, I just don't buy it. Too bad Blaine appears to have the same working relationship with Savvy he has with me, none.
No you goddamn fucktard, that isn't it at all. The question is what would be your dream bumper? I answered based on what I would like, not what I think Savvy should do. For them, that would not be a viable product because it drives the already too high cost up higher.

Not sure where you got that it can't take hard pulls though, that is right out of your ass per usual.
I think Genright, Barnes and a few others are really actively making stuff for our platform now, Savvy is just selling Blaines old designs to cash in what they can.
Actively making stuff and that stuff still had to have a designer. Some old, some new, but still need a designer just like I did for Savvy. They aren't my designs, they are designs I did for them. If I wanted them to be mine, I would not have done them for Savvy.
I get supporting Blaine but that's Black Magic and not Savvy. I do like his design for the tuck but honestly at this point I'd buy some useless shit from Blaine before I'd give Savvy money.

This is Blaine and not Savvy, they just follow his plans (most of the time). It's like TRE, they sell shit shackles and oh ya, Blaines stuff.
And? What stupid point are you trying to make?
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6061 permanently deforms at about the same force per pound as steel, mild steel, crap weld steel. It seems like you don't know the numbers.
Dumbshit, spooging out some nugget you dug up on Google is just that, spooge. That has zero to do with designing parts in high strength aluminum sheet.
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Aluminum isn't some magic bullet that is always better. Blaine knows that, that's why the sliders have steel wear sections on them. It really is as simple as weight equals strength.
No, it isn't that simple. Not that simple at all. You already posted that they have similar reactions to the same force so how in the fuck do you get "weight equals strength" from that? The actual simple way to view it is you can get roughly 3 times the strength of steel with the same weight in the correct aluminum alloy. Or put another way, aluminum in roughly the same strength as mild steel is 1/3 the weight.
When you heat treat things that changes, steel wins.
What the fuck are you yammering about? Who heat treats steel armor?
I don't give a shit about radius on some bumper, who cares? I'm never running this bumper that needs bumpers and can't do hard pulls. Fuck it, it's not my thing. You like it then like @jjvw says buy it.
You'd give a shit if you had to design around that radius so I care very much.
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Back in the old days companies like Skid Row designed skid plates. They got feedback their skid plates bent under hard use so they redesigned them. Now they sell a better version. Fast forward to today. We have a bumper the designer says needs to be improved by reinforcing where the winch mounts. No need, we've got fanboys that tell us it's fine as is. Really, that's what this is. Even Blaine thinks it's not good enough. Let it sink in.
The only good news is you have the farmer sucking your dick, so there is that. You fully mischaracterized my comments to construe an entirely irrelevant meaning to my words.

I tend to improve things, I like to improve things, improving things is my nature. Coming up with ways to improve something does not mean it is substandard, it just means I am doing what I do and since I am the original design, why in the everliving fuck do you think I would put out a substandard product? Fucking moron.
No way, to me the bumper is decorative and has to be modified for heavy use. It's not really a fault but it should have been made from heavier material. It's a compromise, and maybe a smart one if nobody used it hard? Who really does hard pulls? But selling it as the top tier is crap and you know it.
Fuck you. You can pull on that bumper as hard as you like with no issue. The heavier part is me being me, nothing wrong with the bumper as is.
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Steel bumpers don't have corner guards. Hard to understand?
You don't ever stop being a fucking dumbass, do you?

We did this to every front steel bumper with welded corners in JV.


And this which is a very particular preventative feature I designed into the Savvy bumper. Also, look at the end of the bumper, it is bent upward and deflected quite a bit, others we saw were worse. That steel bumper would have benefitted greatly from some external corner guards to stiffen up the corner to prevent deflection and stop the welds from cracking open. God your ignorance is annoying.

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The spyder? I actually like mine lol. 1st trip to Blaine's after installing the fenders he used a magic marker to draw little antennas on it. :ROFLMAO:

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I see that (as well as Fishbone Offroad, even some GenRight parts) as just trying to show off like "look everybody, we have a CNC laser table, too!". It adds nothing to the function of the part, and they're not doing that labor for free so they're actually charging me to advertise for them and for the weight in material that they're cutting out of it.
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