November 2022 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

Photo contest

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How does it work?
  1. From the 10th to the 15th of this month you'll be able to submit the best photo you have of your TJ.
  2. Starting on the 16th of this month photo submissions will no longer be accepted and voting will begin.
  3. Voting will be done in the form of "reactions" or "likes". Click the "like" button in the lower right of each image to cast your vote (you can vote for as many photos as you'd like, and you can also change your votes as well).
  4. You will be able to see who has the most votes by checking out the "photo contest" block at the top of the page. The photos will have a "reaction counter" in the bottom right corner of each photo, which will tell you who is in the lead.
  5. Voting will end on the very last day of the month at 12 AM midnight MST. Any votes that come in after 12 AM MST will not be counted.

Submission Rules
Please see the Ride of the Month (ROTM) submission rules thread.

Why can't I submit a picture to the contest?
In order to participate in this contest (submit a photo and vote) you need to have at least 20 posts on this forum. This is done to cut down on the guys who are only here for the contest and have no interest in participating in the forum. If I find out you're running up your post count with useless posts you will be disqualified from the contest and your posts will be removed. Please don't join this contest unless you're an active participant on the forum.

What do I get if I win?
The winner will receive the following:
  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • $200 Visa gift card (compliments of @mrblaine)
  • Winning photo in a special "Ride of the Month" forum theme
  • Custom "Ride of the Month" graphic that will be displayed in the members signature
  • "Ride of the Month" avatar banner (featured under the users avatar with each post)

If I win, then what happens?
I will reach out to you via a PM and send you the gift card redemption code.
thats a pretty slick looking bumper, you just take the stock one to the CNC table or something else?

Thanks , Unfortunately when I got the Jeep 10 years ago it was already fitted so I have no idea sorry.
I have not seen another one like it here in New Zealand so yes it may be done with the CNC machine .
I like it as it reminds me of some of the old CJ bumpers
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