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Jul 11, 2019
So I am of the opinion done enough to start an actual build thread.

at this point I have been reading enough and throwing enough money into it to piss my wife off.

I purchased This Jeep new on the 4th of April 2004 In a small military base in Germany. I thought the gold was atrocious the first time I saw it. The second time I went to that base, I figured it wasn’t bad with some black accents would look good. The third time I saw it I knew it would be mine. Granted this was over the course of 4 months. Walked in and asked how much for a rubicon in the Gold color. $45k was his response. Then asked how much was the model they had and was told $22k. Told the guy I’d give him 17 out the door. Four months go by and he called me up.

I’ve played in the mountains of Germany, Utah, New Mexico, and the hills of Carolina.

My youthful dream of a rock crawler has been replaced with the wiser age to use it to go camping and run some decent trails like Rubicon or Moab.

I will use it this summer to travel to Knik Glacier and a few other spots here in Alaska.
This photo circa 2008, freshly cleaned hence the water puddle.

Started life as a 2.4l 5 spd

It now has the R2.8l and a 6 spd.

I’ve completed the swap but had an issue trying to use the original computer to have gauges. gave up on that and the no bus issue so I ordered a complete sweep of auto meter gauges. I’m still wiring those in. Along with trying to figure out how to wire the electric fan in.

not to sure if I will leave the back plate gold. Will probably end up painting it black.

I pulled the motor in 2013 and due to back to back deployments to Afghanistan, never got around to installing the hemi.
Awesome, how do you like the little Cummins? Was it truly turn key ready to drop in like they advertise?
I was supposed to have it done already. Wife was back in the lower 48 for the last week. I told her she would have the garage back by the time she gets home.

it’s -11 today. And she gets home in 13 hours.

i haven’t even knocked the scaling off the frame yet. 😆
Yes I can remember trying to go trick-r-treating as a kid in Barrow...

Congrats on the retirement. Have you picked a state you are retiring in?
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Not a clue, we are contemplating snowbirding,

going to try and get a safety job in Europe.

after 23 years of being a gypsy, kinda hard to choose one place to go.
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Not a clue, we are contemplating snowbirding,

going to try and get a safety job in Europe.

after 23 years of being a gypsy, kinda hard to choose one place to go.

Don't I know it. I'd never lived anywhere longer than 3 years until I moved here in WA. And I stayed here because I told my daughter I wouldn't move until she was done with school.

Good luck and enjoy life a little, I'm thinking about doing something like the snowbird thing in a few years.
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My mom lives in Wasilla. I’ve never been to AK but you guys have to be a hardy bunch of crazies. I hear it’s beautiful there two months a year if the mosquitos don’t carry you away.

Great story with the Jeep. Color is cool by me. Like the Electric Lime Green I have. Some love it, some hate it.