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For the most up-to-date details on this trip, registration, and more, please visit the official TJ Fest website:


Dates: April 29 - May 6, 2023
Location: Moab, Utah

TJ Fest Official Website
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Red Rock Wheelers Trail Ratings
Gaia GPS App
AllTrails APP (GPS)
Guide to Moab, UT Backroads (Highly Recommended)

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This will be the third annual Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum "TJ Fest". The plan is to get as many TJs as we can together for what will hopefully become a yearly wheeling trip. It should be noted that this is a wheeling trip, not an event.

In hindsight, the name "TJ Fest" is a bit misleading, as it suggests it is some sort of festival, which it's not. Food will not be provided, there will be no vendors, no designated trail leaders, etc.

There will be no set plans on what we are doing. It will be as simple as meeting up each morning (or getting people's phone numbers who you want to wheel with) and deciding what trail we want to do and who we want to wheel with.

There will be no oversight or instruction by myself or anyone else as to who goes where or who is doing what. One group may be doing more difficult trails, while another group will simply be doing more scenic trails. Certain groups will of course have requirements. For instance, a group that's picked a more difficult trail for the day will not be letting anyone tag along who doesn't have lockers and 35s or larger.

As long as each group has a trail leader who has the Gaia GPS app and the GPX maps from https://www.trailsoffroad.com, then there is no way to really get lost. A GMRS radio is highly, highly recommended, but a CB at the minimum. People without at least one of these communication options should not come, period. There is no excuse whatsoever for not having at least one of these communication options.

Please keep in mind that if you have attended Easter Jeep Safari or other similar events in the past, this is nothing like that whatsoever. It's literally a forum planned wheeling trip for TJ owners and enthusiasts, plain and simple.

Planned Dinner Event
@Apparition or @jjvw, is there going to be a dinner event?

Trip Requirements
  • GMRS radio, CB radio, or both (no exceptions to this)
  • Recovery points (front and rear tied into the frame)
  • Factory tow hooks are adequate
  • Wheel at your own pace (I have no doubt that any trail you'd want to run is likely on someone else's list as well)

Trip Rules
  • No alcohol in the vehicle
    Alcohol will not be permitted in any vehicle that will be wheeling with us. If anyone is found drinking alcohol (including passengers), you will be removed from the group and not permitted to wheel with us for the remainder of the event.
  • No drug use
    Marijuana and other drugs need to stay off the trail. If you want to do something in the privacy of your own room, so be it, but don't do it on the trail. There will be kids around, and I don't want anyone impaired.
  • Be courteous and polite
    If you came with a bad attitude, you can just stay home.
  • Be patient
    Not everyone is on the same level as wheeling, some are experts and others are here to learn.
  • Clean up after yourself!
    You will be required to police your 100% of your own trash. If I see anyone throwing trash on the trail or making a mess and not cleaning it up, you'll be booted from this group / event.

GMRS & CB Channels
These are the official channels we will be using for our time at TJ Fest. You'll need a either a GMRS or CB ratio (preferably the former).

GroupGMRS Channel (freq)DCSCB Channel
TJ Fest16 (462.575)D223N20
Hyphens (CO)17 (462.600)D223N30
LJs (don't ask me, this is stupid)18 (462.625)D223N
N/A19 (462.650)D223N
N/A20 (462.675)D223N

2023 Trip Roster
See the TJ Fest attendees page for a up-to-date list on members who have registered for the event.

Legal Disclaimer
We are a group of Jeep enthusiasts who are planning an event to get together and have fun. By joining us, you agree to not to hold any of us (or this forum) responsible for any damage that may occur to your Jeep during this trip. There is an inherent danger when wheeling off-road, and you agree by joining us on this trip that you yourself are solely responsible for any bodily injury you may incur, as well as any damage to your property. You also agree that this forum has permission to use any images we take during this trip for forum purposes, which may include marketing.
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