Oil Pressure Sending Unit

Haaris Khan

New Member
Nov 7, 2019
Roanoke, Va
I am looking to replace my Oil Pressure Sending unit as my oil pressure gauge does not seem to be displaying my oil pressure building. Would anyone advise against picking one up from the local auto store? I know they are rather inexpensive in the first place but I am trying to save money anywhere I can, and I cant seem to find the OEM sending unit for a 2004 anywhere on the internet. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Mar 10, 2020
Jacksonville, FL, Quezon Philippines
I bought aftermarket from Amazon and it is working fine so far.
Some members have had problems with readings being inaccurate (not that the gauge readings are extremely accurate), stop working in a few months or what the member encountered in Australia on a stroker engine where the electrical connector detached from the sensor base and spewed oil into the engine compartment.
Not saying these problems will happen, but these are documented problems; so the potential is there.